Saturday, 31 December 2011

hepi time~

for a certain reason.. feeling like want to post.. " i'm a free girlz"
heh... how hepi i am today..
start a new day in a new year without need to think about him.
there's no on e to controlled me now... i like that
how terrible to think everything that i did monitor by you and your stupid babble..
i like the status he's not in my year's of life anymore..XD
its not that i'm not interest to know bout him now but i want to start a new book..
new chapter.. n the most important thing i want to delete him from my memo..
he's now just a history on archade..
sori to say that but you dont deserve a better than that from me.
loL.. sounds like i'm a spiteful but who cares..
for the last time i realy want to speak it off..
no manner.. no everything..
full stop..XD
n i can laugh freely now..
just like what i did before knowing you..
bad boy


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